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Monday, October 26th, 2015

DOS Taekwondo is one of the many taekwondo academies in Sydney Australian, but is a little different from most taekwondo clubs. Unlike any other taekwondo clubs, DOS Taekwondo started at 2005 in Sutherland Shire and it has a spacious gym which is used solely for the student’s taekwondo training. This taekwondo academy is lead by Serdar “Sam” Guner, a great taekwondo Grand Master who has achieved many awards on different competitions.

DOS was initially formed in the early 90’s in Vienna, Austria. Formed and run by Sascha Ostermann, he still continues to teach in the DOS club until today.

Why you should know about DOS Taekwondo

DOS Taekwondo’s students consist of both kids and adults. Some are training to be physically fit; others for hobby and most are training to compete in state, national and international sparring and poomsae competitions. Each student gets individual attention which allows our students to progress much more quickly and easily towards their personal goals. Our instructors are aware of the students’ short and long term goals for us to be able to help them achieve their goals in the most efficient way. All students are also given equal opportunities to reach the level of achievement that they desire. Our academy is student centered and we give them space to decide exactly what level of skill they wish to strive. Students are encouraged to show sportsmanship and compassion for their classmates and peers. Regardless of your age or skill level, you can expect to recognize many benefits training at DOS Taekwondo Sydney.

Here are the benefits you can get from training at DOS Taekwondo :


  • Like any other great martial arts academy, our school offers quality education when it comes to the skills and techniques of Taekwondo. Strength, Balance, Flexibility, Stamina, Coordination and Power are just a few of the many physical attributes that will be improved.


  • The traditional taekwondo arts include mastery of discipline, goal setting, focus and concentration which are practiced all throughout the course of learning in DOS Taekwondo Sydney.


  • Joining our classes enhances self-control, conscience, ethical and moral behavior which is important in mastering the flow of life itself.


  • Aside from improving physical, mental and spiritual skills, you also get to enjoy earning friends and companions. With a group of courteous instructors and enthusiastic co-students, you will be able to develop yourself defense along the way.

DOS Taekwondo is one of Sam’s prides. Other than DOS Taekwondo, Sam also own and runs Fix My Web and Kebab Station. He is also a well known Australian Entrepreneur.

Watch also our great video below to know more:

Taekwondo is really a great help to improve yourself. If you want to learn more, enroll now at DOS Taekwondo or contact us at 1300-338-919.

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