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Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

When you are participating in taekwondo sparring and competitions, it is essential that you wear your Taekwondo Gear Sydney properly or it may and will cause malfunction and may lead to injuries. Each taekwondo equipment have functions and are used to protect you. If they are not worn in the correct way, then the less protection you will get.

Each of taekwondo gear Sydney plays important roles in sparring sessions and competitions. There are also rules that require you to wear your protective equipment properly in order to be safe from the hard blows that you will take during the match. If you want to be trained well, you should start from wearing your uniform and gears properly.

Here are the Proper Ways to wear the Taekwondo Gear Sydney

Taekwondo Gear Sydney | Wearing the Gears


  • If you were able to get the perfect fit for you then there would be no problem with wearing the taekwondo uniform.
  • If you are a beginner, your uniform will usually be almost white, depending on the uniform rules of the academy.

Taekwondo Gears

Chest Protector

  • This will protect your upper body. Choose ties for the chest protector for you to adjust until it fits you well.

Shin Guards

  • The shin guards are used to protect you from shin injuries usually made from foam, cloth or vinyl products. It should never be too tight because it may cause cramps which can lead to injuries.

Foot Protectors

  • With the right size, foot protectors will be used to protect you from injuries when you do kicking techniques. It is easy to wear, you just have to pull a little at a time with the lower part of the back and it will be no trouble at all since most foot protectors are stretchable.

Arm Protectors

  • The arms protectors and gloves should correspond the color of the chest protector. It is easy to wear, almost the same as the foot protector and are used to protect the arms from injuries when doing hand techniques or blocking.

Head Guard

  • The head guard should be perfect fit so that it can be easily worn. It should not be too tight nor too loose as it may be bad during the taekwondo sparring or competitions.

Groin Guard

  • The groin guard is required for both men and women and are worn inside the pants. This will protect your groin from low kicks.

The Taekwondo Gear Sydney are important part of you when you are practicing taekwondo. For more information, contact us now at 0425324443!

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