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Monday, September 28th, 2015

Serdar Guner heavily involves himself in the art and skill of Taekwondo. He is one of the certified personal taekwondo trainers, and he even has his own taekwondo club: DOS Taekwondo. Serdar Guner is a grand master of taekwondo, he started early at the age of 9. He is now well-known in the field of taekwondo while his taekwondo Club is famous for Serdar Guner Taekwondo Forms that he teaches to his students.

Serdar is also a dedicated taekwondo instructor. His teachings are full of values and he always helps his students in any way he can.

Taekwondo Forms

Here are some of Serdar Guner Taekwondo Forms :

Ki Cho Patterns (Basics)

  • The starting point for taekwondo students when learning the patterns, this form of taekwondo is an easy format to get you started with performing the basic techniques in four directions. It is divided into 3 Basic patterns:
    • Ki Cho II Bu
    • Ki Cho E Bu
    • Ki Cho Sam Bu

WTF Taekwondo Patterns

  • This taekwondo forms are based on the WTF fighting style, it comes with short and upright stances and fast techniques. Here are the list of WTF Taekwondo Forms:
    • Taegeuk-il-jang
    • Taegeuk-e-jang
    • Taegeuk-sam-jang
    • Taegeuk-sah-jang
    • Taegeuk-oh-jang
    • Taegeuk-yuk-jang
    • Taegeuk-chil-jang
    • Taegeuk-pal-jang

ITF Taekwondo Patterns

  • A more traditional Taekwondo Forms with longer stances and strongly performed moves. Here are some of the 24 forms of ITF Taekwondo Patterns:
    • Yellow Stripe Pattern (Chon-Ji)
    • Yellow Belt Pattern (Dan-Gun)
    • Green Stripe Pattern (Do-San)
    • Green Belt Pattern (Won-Hyo)
    • Blue Stripe Pattern (Yul-Gok)
    • Blue Belt Pattern (Joong Gun)

Traditional Patterns (Tang Soo Do Forms)

  • These forms are thrilling to perform and even to watch.
    • Pyun Ahn Cho Dan
    • Pyun Ahn E Dan
    • Pyun Ahn Sam Dan
    • Pyun Ahn Sah Dan
    • Pyun Ahn Oh Dan
    • Bassi
    • Nai Han Chi Cho Dan

These are the many types of taekwondo forms and Serdar Guner is willing to teach them to his students. If you want to know more about Srdar Guner Taekwondo Forms , Enroll now at his Taekwondo Club, DOS Taekwondo!

There are a lot more Taekwondo Forms that you can learn if you enroll at our Taekwondo Academy. For more inquiries, contact us at 1300-338-919.

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