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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

On our past article,we talked about the Execution of the 5 Basic Kicks of Taekwondo. The first kick that was discussed was the execution of the Front Kick. This time, we are going to discuss the execution of Side Kick. When performing this kicks, you might need professional Taekwondo Sparring partners to assist you. Serdar Guner is a taekwondo grand master that owns DOS Taekwondo, a leading taekwondo club. If you want to learn all you need to know about taekwondo, enroll now at DOS Taekwondo!

Serdar Guner is a well-known taekwondo Master and is also popular because of his Professional Taekwondo Sparring techniques. He passes his knowledge of taekwondo to his students in DOS Taekwondo where he teaches. He perfects the execution of the 5 basic kicks and now, he shares the ways on how to perfectly perform this amazing taekwondo kicks.

Professional Taekwondo Sparring | Side Kick!

Here’s Professional Taekwondo Sparring Execution of Side Kick :


Executing the Side Kick


Positioning for the Kick

  • You have to have the correct position because the side would not be appropriate if your target is located in another place.

Create a Solid Foundation

  • Using your base foot, create a solid foundation as it is the key for a successful kick. Balancing your body is also an essential when positioning your body. Professional Taekwondo Sparring masters rotate their foot as they are kicking to allow a quick execution of the kick.

Lift the Key of the Kicking Foot

  • Bend your knee allowing it to raise towards your torso to give you the ability to extend your leg further and faster. It will also add force to your kick.

Stretch your Foot when Delivering the Kick

  • When you stretch your foot, also open up your hills to add up some momentum to your kick.

Kick with the Heel and the Outer Edge of the Kicking Foot

  • Compared to front kick, side kick uses more foot. Use your heel to kick, not your toes to avoid injury.


Next time here on, we are going to show you the steps on how to execute Hooking Kick. If you are in need of a Professional Taekwondo Sparring partner, visit us at DOS Taekwondo. We also have professional trainers.

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To perform a great taekwondo kick, you might need help from a professional taekwondo sparring partner. If you need one visit or contact us at 1300-338-919.

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