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Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

The 5 Basic Kicks of Taekwondo are Front Kick, Side Kick, Hooking Kick, Back Kick and the Roundhouse Kick. Serdar Guner taught the perfect execution of Front Kick and Side Kick. This time on Serdar’s Professional Taekwondo Sparring tutorials, we are going to give the steps of perfectly executing hooking and back kicks.

Professional Taekwondo Sparring tutorials:

Professional Taekwondo Sparring | Hooking and Back Kick

Executing the Hooking Kick

The Hooking Kick Position

  • The hooking kick begins the same as the side kick. On the position, make sure that your aim is to the side of your body. Having a fixed is important.

Lift the Knee of the Kicking Foot

  • By bringing the knee to the torso, you are able to pack more strength to your kick. Same as the side kick.

Extend your Leg

  • Extend your leg but be sure to maintain your balance so that you won’t fall. Unlike the side kick where you extend your feet straight forward, the hook kick moves to the direction of your toes, creating the hooking motion.

Bring your Foot Back

  • Complete the hooking motion and you can control your kick. Once the opponent has moved, you can use the control to lower, raise or shift your kick.

Delivering the Kick

  • When delivering the kick, use your heel or sole but never use your toes or the top of the foot to avoid injury.

Executing the Back Kick

Position yourself for the Back Kick

  • The position of the back kick is quite different from the first three kicks. You’d have to have your back to your opponent. If your Professional Taekwondo Sparring Partner has gotten behind you, this is an ideal move.

Bring your knee up to your chest

  • As with every kick, you will have to bring your knee up to your chest to add momentum to the kick and give you more room to extend.

Extend your Leg Backwards

  • Drive your heel towards your target. Extend your leg to the middle section or lower section of your opponent.

Use you toes for Balance

  • If you were able to follow correctly, your weight will shift to your toes. Be prepared for this if you don’t want to tumble over.

Hit with your Heel

  • Finally, hit with your heels. This will be the first part of your foot to make contact since you are kicking from behind. Use this with strength and avoid using other parts of your foot to avoid injury.

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