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Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

The Taekwondo Belts, in literal sense are just pieces of cloths that are tied around the waist. But if you are a taekwondo practitioner, you will learn that there’s more to the belts than just pieces of cloths. The Official Taekwondo Belts are actually representations of rankings and signifies your devotion to the martial art.

Official Taekwondo Belts | The Colors of Taekwondo

For those who truly love taekwondo, they might even say that earning a black belt is their life-long goal. All taekwondo black belts started as a white belt. There are also other different colored Official Taekwondo Belts that signifies the rankngs of a taekwondo student. The Black belt is the final belt that symbolizes the mastery of the taekwondo techniques.

Here are the Official Taekwondo Belts :

White Belt

  • The lowest rank and the first belt given to beginners. The white color means purity and and innocence. A white belt holder means that he is a beginner on the field and has much to learn.

Yellow Belt

  • A belt ranked next to the white belt. Yellow signifies the rising sun where the student is already learning just like a seed in the plan that is growing.

Green Belt

  • A seed that has grown is already a plant. A child that has learnt and has shown development is a plant and deserves the symbol of growth, the Green Belt.

Blue Belt

  • If you have grown and developed well, you will become a tree that reaches the sky. You will be ranked with the blue belt, the symbol for reaching new levels of achievements.

Brown Belt

  • The brown belt means that the student was able to create a sturdy foundation. Brown signifies the ground where the growing tree is rooted. This also means that physical and mental power is developed.

Red Belt

  • Red is the color of blood, not that it means violence the red actually symbolizes the essential life force. It also represents danger that lies ahead and requires discipline to overcome the challenges.

Black Belt

  • The Black belt is the symbol of maturity and means that you have graduated from the first challenges of your taekwondo journey. But your journey doesn’t end there as you will have new and more difficult challenges to face.

Now that you know the different Official Taekwondo Belts , you can set your goal to which belt you want to achieve!

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