A Grandmaster and business owner, I build long-lasting,
productive relationships with my team , my business
partners and clients to create stable revenue for my

As a family man, I established businesses with employees
that I consider as family. I ensure that I build
strong relationships, value the diversification of individuals
and serve all with equal dedication, respect, and fairness.

As a business owner, I advocate the mission of credibility,
integrity, and service. I strive for the excellence
in the pursuit of providing sustainable
and consistent exemplary results to my clients.

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

Serdar Guner is a well known entrepreneur and business man. And not only is he successful as a businessman, he is also one of the greatest grand masters of taekwondo. He formed a taekwondo club in Sydney which is now famous for their fun and progressive learning environment. He has also become a certified Personal Taekwondo Trainer with his perseverance, skills and abilities.Certified Personal Taekwondo Trainer

Here are the reasons why Serdar Guner is one of the best certified personal Taekwondo trainer :


  • Serdar Guner is the type of person that is very much focusing in achieving his goal. Not only that, he is also ready to help other people and he will stay focused until the person he is trying to help is able to finish what he and they started.


  • Serdar Guner has dedicated his life in teaching taekwondo. He is very passionate in sharing his knowledge, which is another reason why many people want Serdar to be their personal trainer.


  • When it comes to the exercises and knowledge about taekwondo, Serdar is already expert. He started his training when he was young under the tutelage of another great taekwondo grand master Sascha Ostermann, and his training has allowed him to gain lots of knowledge and experience and he is very willing to share it to those who want to learn the art of taekwondo.


  • Serdar puts his whole heart in everything he does and that may be the reason why he became successful. Even those who train under him learn a lot and fast since Serdar really gives emphasis o the learning.


  • Serdar has trained lots of students already and versatility allowed him to cope up with the diversity of each student.

Serdar is really great not only when it comes to business, also as a certified personal taekwondo trainer . He has the skills and abilities required to be a great trainer, and of course a grand taekwondo master.

Know more about Serdar Guner, from tips on how to become Successful entrepreneur to being great at taekwondo.

Watch also our video here about Serdar Guner, the Certified Personal Taekwondo Trainer :

Enroll now at our Taekwondo Club, or contact Sam if you want more information about being a Certified Personal Taekwondo Trainer at  1300-338-919.

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