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Monday, March 7th, 2016

DOS Taekwondo is one of the leading taekwondo academy in Sydney. If you want to learn the Best Taekwondo Sydney , then DOS Taekwondo is the best choice.

DOS Taekwondo has been around for more than 10 years and our taekwondo academy is now recognized as one of the best places to learn the Best Taekwondo Sydney . The club was originally founded by Sascha Ostermann in Vienna, Austria where he still continues to teach taekwondo today. He is one of the best taekwondo grand masters that are recognized all over the world. And his student Serdar Guner is the current owner of DOS Taekwondo Australia.

If you plan to learn taekwondo, then DOS Taekwondo is the best place. At DO Taekwondo, our students are given equal opportunity to show their talents and reach whatever levels of achievement that they desire and are given space to decide what level of skills they want to attain. At DOS Taekwondo, the students will be encouraged and motivated to do well with their friends and classmates. This will allow them to learn the Best Taekwondo Sydney.

Here’s Best Taekwondo Sydney Reasons why you Should Enroll at our Academy

Best Taekwondo Sydney | Our Taekwondo Academy

Trained and Competent

  • The instructors at DOS Taekwondo are well trained. They have undergone great taekwondo training as well as teaching training. They are certified and licensed instructors that will facilitate the learning of the students in order for a better learning. They are also certified with competency, making our instructors the best in Australia.

Better Facilities and Equipment

  • Unlike other taekwondo clubs, DOS Best Taekwondo Sydney have well maintained and spacious facilities where you can be comfortable with the taekwondo training. Our club have been refurnished, making sure that we have a great and clean environment. We also update our inventory, allowing our students to make use of the best taekwondo equipment for their training.

Safe and Progressive

  • DOS Taekwondo promotes a safe and progressive environment for learning. Our academy is one of the safest taekwondo academy because we always make sure that our rooms and taekwondo mats are prepared before the training. We also adapt to the modern ages, allowing a progressive learning and hands on experience for our students.

DOS Taekwondo offers different Best Taekwondo Sydney classes that will suit you no matter your age. For details, contact us at 0425324443!

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