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Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

We already know that “Tae” in Taekwondo means the art of kicking, which means that here are different types of Amazing taekwondo kicks and there are different ways in executing this kicking techniques. Serdar Guner, Grand Taekwondo Master is going to share to you some of these kicks and how to properly execute them, allowing you to improve your skill in performing taekwondo kicking techniques.

There are 5 basic amazing taekwondo kicks : the front kick, side kick, hooking kick, back kick and roundhouse kick. Learning these 5 kicks will allow you to have a great foundation to explore other more advanced and complicated taekwondo kicks. Every kick in taekwondo requires a certain degree of precision and a fluidity of motion that only attained through constant practice and attention to the entire body.

Amazing Taekwondo Kicks Execution | The 5 Basic Kicks

Here’s the 5 Basic Types of Amazing Taekwondo Kicks and Ways to Execute them:


Executing the Front Kick

Positioning the Body

  • A front kick aims to hit the opponent in front of you. As you position your body, you should be a leg length away from the body. This creates a more effective kick.

Lift your Knee

  • When performing a kick, you should make sure that your thigh is pointed directly towards the target in order to line up the kick. The kicking leg depends on many factors, like which is the weaker side of your opponent.

Rotate your Standing Foot

  • A key to a strong and effective kick is establishing a stronger base. If you do not rotate your standing foot, you may topple or waver from the side, making the attack lesser effective and precise.

Use your Hips

  • Another factor for an effective kick is the momentum of the hips as much as the strength of the leg. As you rotate your leg when you kick, make sure that you are also pushing the side of your hip forward. This added momentum will carry through your entire kick, allowing a more amazing taekwondo kicks .

Extend your Leg

  • Setting a great foundation is not enough to create a powerful kick, if you weren’t able to make contact, then the kick will be void. Extending the leg will guarantee a hit to the opponent. But to be able to extend your leg, you’ll need to have flexibility.

This is just the first type of amazing taekwondo kicks and how to execute it. Next time, we are going to give you the execution of Side Kicking.

Watch the execution of Front Kick here:

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Taekwondo is the art of punching and kicking so you should expect that there will be a lot of Amazing taekwondo kicks techniques that are involved with this martial art. There are lots of kicking techniques that you can practice if you want to be good at kicking.

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Here are Some of the Different Amazing Taekwondo Kicks

Axe Kick (Naeryeo Chagi)

  • Raise your leg vertically as high as you can, then bring down your leg against your opponent. You should strike with the heel of your foot for a more effective kick. In terms of self defense, this kick can be used to hit the face or the shoulder. But be careful when using this kick as you will leave your groin open so this kick should only be used in certain situations.

Roundhouse Kick (Dollyo Chagi)

  • A roundhouse kick can be used against a variety of targets it can be used to hit low targets where it cannot be caught, chest for sparring matches and hit the head high. But flexibility is required for this technique. This kicking technique is one of the most commonly used technique in the field of martial arts due to its speed,decent power, range and ease of use.

Push Strike (Meereo Chigi)

  • Push Kick is also known as the Front thrust Kick. It is used to create a space or to push an attacker off-balance if the opponent is too close. It is also an excellent defensive kick because you can use a push kick to block an opponent’s forward momentum.

Scissor Kick (Kawi Chagi)

  • A dramatic martial arts kick used to hit two opponents at the same time. However, this kick is not an overly practical technique when it comes to self-defense. The scissor kick is mainly used for demonstration kicks and breaking techniques for taking out two opponents.

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If you want the most effective techniques to win at any taekwondo competition, then what you need to learn are the most effective and amazing taekwondo kicks . DOS Taekwondo Sydney offers the best taekwondo classes where you can learn the best taekwondo techniques, from punches to kicks. If you want to be a better taekwondo artist, then you will find these taekwondo kicks helpful.

Here are the Most Effective and Amazing Taekwondo Kicks

Amazing Taekwondo Kicks

Cut Kick

  • A cut kick is the most effective opening technique for competitions. It is often confused with side kick. When used properly, it can be a powerful attack that opens opportunities for more points while you maintain a defensive posture. The cut kick has an amazing offensive capability that is tempered by limited defensive liability. It is a safe and effective kick due to its strong initial motion and attacking integrity. Your knee provides cover as you advance forward. On the contact, your foot applies force against your opponent’s center of gravity which causes the defender to move backward.

Turning Side Kick

  • Also known as the spinning back kick, this amazing taekwondo kick is one of the most damaging moves to come out of taekwondo. For a potential knock down move, the kick is relatively high percentage compared to other types of kicks like jumping spinning hook kick.

Aerial Side Kick to Back Kick

  • This combination kick is a multi-functional technique that can drive with your opponent backward or can be used as a multi-kick defense. Additionally, it traps your opponent, who counters with a round kick as soon as you move and counters a double kick or cut kick effectively. How you throw the kick is dependent on how your opponent reacts to your initial motion. If your opponent moves backward, you can drive forward with both aerial side kick and back kick. You can also use the first kick as a feeler like a jab, to determine the distance that you need to cover. If your opponent remains on the same position, you can use the kick to climb up your opponent’s body and throw the second kick to his head.

Spinning Hook Kick

  • The spinning hook kick is one of the most amazing taekwondo techniques. If this technique is performed properly, you can knock your opponent out. The back hook kick combines speed, torque and power with evasive motion to strike fear in even the most courageous opponent.

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