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If you want to train to achieve a better physical build, improve your taekwondo techniques or attain your fitness goals, you might not be able to do it alone. What you need is help from a Certified Personal Taekwondo Trainer . A taekwondo trainer can help you with your training and help you achieve your personal fitness goals faster.

If you are a beginner at taekwondo and want to improve your techniques fast, then a certified personal taekwondo trainer will also be able to help you. Since there will be a one on one session, the training will be focused on you allowing a faster result. But before you hire a trainer, there are sime important points that you have to take note of.

Here are Important Notes before Hiring a Certified Personal Taekwondo Trainer

Certified Personal Taekwondo Trainer | Important Notes

Physical and Mental Preparation

  • The training with a personal trainer might be harder than what you are expecting. Be sure that you are physically and mentally prepared before you hire a certified personal taekwondo trainer . Remember that the training is about you, and if you would give up easily because of lack of preparation, then you will not be able to achieve your fitness goals.

Your Goals and Expectations

  • If transforming your body is your personal goal, make sure that it is achievable or realistic. We all want to transform ourselves, but when it comes to training, we easily give up. So if we are aiming for something, we should make sure that we are prepared to train hard for it. Take note that if you hire a professional trainer, he will focus on your goal, not on how you want to be trained.

The Trainer Experience

  • When you hire a certified personal taekwondo trainer , you should make sure that he has a broad experience. He should have an experience in training different types of people with different goals. With his experience, there is a bigger chance that you will be able to achieve your goal with his help.


Remember that the result of the training will still depend on your perseverance. The certified personal taekwondo trainer will only give the important points of your training for faster results. He will also serve as your motivation.

If you are not prepared for hard training, then you might easily give up during your training.

Achieve your personal fitness goals with a certified personal taekwondo trainer ! For more information, contact us now at 0425324443!

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When you are participating in taekwondo sparring and competitions, it is essential that you wear your Taekwondo Gear Sydney properly or it may and will cause malfunction and may lead to injuries. Each taekwondo equipment have functions and are used to protect you. If they are not worn in the correct way, then the less protection you will get.

Each of taekwondo gear Sydney plays important roles in sparring sessions and competitions. There are also rules that require you to wear your protective equipment properly in order to be safe from the hard blows that you will take during the match. If you want to be trained well, you should start from wearing your uniform and gears properly.

Here are the Proper Ways to wear the Taekwondo Gear Sydney

Taekwondo Gear Sydney | Wearing the Gears


  • If you were able to get the perfect fit for you then there would be no problem with wearing the taekwondo uniform.
  • If you are a beginner, your uniform will usually be almost white, depending on the uniform rules of the academy.

Taekwondo Gears

Chest Protector

  • This will protect your upper body. Choose ties for the chest protector for you to adjust until it fits you well.

Shin Guards

  • The shin guards are used to protect you from shin injuries usually made from foam, cloth or vinyl products. It should never be too tight because it may cause cramps which can lead to injuries.

Foot Protectors

  • With the right size, foot protectors will be used to protect you from injuries when you do kicking techniques. It is easy to wear, you just have to pull a little at a time with the lower part of the back and it will be no trouble at all since most foot protectors are stretchable.

Arm Protectors

  • The arms protectors and gloves should correspond the color of the chest protector. It is easy to wear, almost the same as the foot protector and are used to protect the arms from injuries when doing hand techniques or blocking.

Head Guard

  • The head guard should be perfect fit so that it can be easily worn. It should not be too tight nor too loose as it may be bad during the taekwondo sparring or competitions.

Groin Guard

  • The groin guard is required for both men and women and are worn inside the pants. This will protect your groin from low kicks.

The Taekwondo Gear Sydney are important part of you when you are practicing taekwondo. For more information, contact us now at 0425324443!

If you are a beginner at Taekwondo, you should know the different equipment and gears that are used in sparring and competitions. The Taekwondo Gear Sydney will play a huge part in your Taekwondo Career.

Here are the Different Taekwondo Gear Sydney

Taekwondo Gear Sydney | The Different Taekwondo Gears


Dhee (Belt)

  • The Belts have different colors and are used as a symbol of ranking. White belt is the lowest rank and black belt is the highest.

Dobok (Uniform)

  • The uniform may vary in their weight. There are also specific uniform for the instructors and the students. Also, the uniform have specific measure so you should be careful when buying your first uniform.

Ha’i (Training Pants)

  • The pants usually comes with the upper body uniform and it also has specific measure that would fit the student.


Hogoo (Chest Protector)

  • The Chest Protector is an essential Taekwondo Gear Sydney in the WTF Sparring. If you are going to join the WTF Sparring, the organization must approve your chest protector. The Hogoo with Shoulder padding is ideal if you are going to join competitions.

Sahn Boho Jang Kap (Protective Gloves)

  • Also known as hand protectors, this gears have become compulsory to some tournaments. It is also a popular gear that used for taekwondo sparring.

Jung Kang Yi Bohodae (Shin Guard)

  • The shin guards protect the shin part of the body, the area between the knee and the ankle. When you are buying shin guard, make sure that it won’t be too long so that you can freely bend your knees and ankles if necessary. Another tip is not to put your shin guard too tight. This is one common mistakes of beginners. Putting the shin guard too tight will cut the circulation of calf muscles which can cause cramps.

Nang Shim Bohodae (Groin Cup)

  • Male Groin Guards are cup-like shaped protective Taekwondo Gear Sydney while for the females’ are flat shaped.

Muh Ree Bohodae (Protective Head Gear)

  • The Head gear is a very important gear. It will protect your skull and brain from hard blows. Make sure you choose a quality head protector with high shock absorbing design.

Eep Bohodae (Mouth Guard)

  • Mouth Guards are used to cover the teeth and gums. It also helps keep the taekwondo student from biting his own lips during a sparring.

The proper gear will provide great help when you are already on the field sparring or competing. Remember that safety is priority so it would be great to get the best equipment for your protection.

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When you practice Taekwondo, you will find that taking care of you Taekwondo Uniform Sydney is very important. Your taekwondo uniform will become a part you and you should wear it with prode. And when we said taking care of it, we don’t only mean washing it the proper way. You should find the right type of uniform for you, the right color that you want and wear it appropriately.

When you first buy your Taekwondo Uniform Sydney , every detail will matter since you are going to use it for a long time.

Here are more Tips when Buying your Taekwondo Uniform Sydney


Check the Taekwondo Academy Requirements

  • Take note that different academies have different Requirements. It is very important to know the requirement of the academy before you buy your Taekwondo Uniform Sydney . Also, since you are only beginning at taekwondo, it is wise to ask more questions about the taekwondo uniform to your instructors since there are specific details

Choose the Right Size for your Build

  • Compared to other clothing, the size of the Taekwondo Uniform Sydney is specifically measured based on the height of the person buying the uniform. The arm and leg length will also be measured, and you should also take you weight in consideration in case it affect the size of the uniform. Keep in mind the the more the cotton that are used in the clothing , the more it will get smaller after the first few washings.

The Uniform Weight

  • Sizes are not the only things that will affect your confortability with your uniform, there’s also the weight. The three types of weights of the uniforms are Lightweight, Medium Weight and Heavyweight. Lightweight Uniforms are usually less expensive and are good in warmer atmosphere. These may be the best type of uniform for taekwondo but you can only use it for this specific martial art. The Medium Weight is the most versatile and can be used in different types of martial arts. This is consedered the best value for the money. The Heavyweight is usually reserved for the instructors. But for other martial arts like judo, this can be suitable for the students.

Now that you know how to buy the proper Taekwondo Uniform Sydney for you, you can choose the right type to make you comfortable during your taekwondo training.

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