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When you enroll at a Taekwondo Training, the first things that you are going to learn are the basics. You’ll be taught about the history of taekwondo, the meaning of taekwondo, the techniques and of course, the Moves of the Best Taekwondo Sydney . For this time, we are going to talk about the different types of taekwondo moves.

sam-gunerSerdar Guner is a great taekwondo grand master who shares his knowledge about taekwondo at his own Academy, DOS Taekwondo. He has built this academy to teach those who are willing to learn the art of Best taekwondo Sydney . He is an amazing taekwondo grand master as well as entrepreneur as he is also the owner of a leading Web Development Company in Sydney, Fix My Web.

This time, we are going to give you the basic movements of Best taekwondo Sydney that every beginner should understand.

Here Best Taekwondo Sydney ‘s Taekwondo Moves

Hand Moves

Involves hand motions either to protect ones self or attack the opponent. Practice of the Taekwondo Hand Movements improves better combination techniques and more powerful attacks.


Strike is the offensive type of taekwondo hand movements. Here are a few taekwondo hand strikes:

  • Jab – A quick flick of the fist that is generally used for defense.
  • Upper Cut – An upward swinging punch striking the bottom of the jaw or ribs of opponent.
  • Hook Punch – Short compact punches that creates a sideway hooking strike.
  • Hammer Fist – Hitting the opponent with the padded side of a clenched fist.


The defensive type of hand movements. Here are the basic types of hand blocks:

  • Low Block – A block that defenses and prevents opponent kick that is aimed at the lower area of the body.
  • Mid Block – Used to deflect side way punches to protect the chest.
  • High Block – This block is specifically for protecting the head.

Kicking Moves

Kicking Moves involves foot motion. Best Taekwondo Sydney is popular due to its amazing kicking techniques. Performing the complicated kicks may be a little difficult without practice and if you are a beginner, you have to improve your focus on the movements of the foot and taekwondo forms in order to execute perfect kicking techniques. Here are few examples of taekwondo kicking techniques:

  • Turning Kick – A type of kick that uses the ball of the foot as offense.
  • Side Kick – This kick uses the blade of the foot for both offense and defense.
  • Back Kick – A complicated kick that uses the heel of the feet for defense.

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If you want to be a successful Australian Entrepreneur , you should first know what really entrepreneurship is about and what are the essentials that comes with it.

Entrepreneurship is basically the act of compilation of variety of resources and transform it into a quality product or services. The resources start with an innovative idea and includes effort in growth and development through utilizing financial management, human resource management, marketing and customer relations. Take note that being an Australian Entrepreneur comes with huge responsibilities. Every minute of input in the business counts whether you are handling a small business or a large scale corporate business.

We said earlier that the resources of entrepreneurship starts with Innovative ideas and by that are not limiting the concept to having creativity, but also strategic planning and methodologies. Without strategic thinking on how you can maximize the ful potential of your products and services, you will definitely have a difficult time of achieving the goals of your business. If you want to be successful in the Field of entrepreneurship, it’s not enough to be to think as a businessman, you have to be innovative, judicious and perceptive about your business and more importantly, your customers.

Here are the Australian Entrepreneur ‘s Essentials in the Field of Entrepreneurship

Australian Entrepreneur | Essentials of Entrepreneurship

Dedication and Positive Thinking.

  • Entrepreneurship is about Dedication with positive and strategic thinking. It is full of difficulties and if you want to be successful, giving up is not an option.

Building Customer Relationship.

  • Being an entrepreneur means that you have to be constantly in touch with your clients and business partners.


  • If you can’t handle a team, then you sure can’t handle a bigger business with more people to manage. Add value to your leadership with creative ideas.

You have to be Perceptive.

  • Pay Attention to every detail as it will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

Hard Work.

  • Working hard for what you want to achieve is the best accomplishment you will ever have. If you know the thing that you worked hard for, you’ll never be careless to lose it.

Drive yourself.

  • Remind yourself about the things you are working for. Treat yourself as a professional and be a professional.

Be Confident.

  • If you are not confident with what you are doing, then how will you be able to stand your conviction especially during the times when you are facing problems?

Being an Australian Entrepreneur is absolutely not easy. It is full of difficulties, but if you were able to face and pass these difficulties, then you can call yourself a Successful Australian Entrepreneur .

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Entrepreneurship is full of huge responsibilities. If you want to know more ways to become a Successful Australian Entrepreneur , contact us at 0425324443.

Whether you are a beginner or expert in taekwondo, one of the major things about taekwondo that you are required to learn is the Taekwondo Forms . If you are already an expert, you would know the essence and importance of the taekwondo forms and how it helps you as a taekwondo practitioner. But if you are beginner or a novice at taekwondo, you may think that the forms aren’t relly that much help with your training and you may want to rather train with the techniques immeditaely.

Serdar Guner is a professional and grand master of taekwondo. He has trained since he was 9 years old and he now has a taekwondo club where he teaches the art of taekwondo to the youngsters. One of his specialties are the taekwondo forms and right now, we are going to give you the importance of taekwondo forms according to our grand master.

Here are Serdar Guner’s Importance of the Taekwondo Forms :

Taekwondo Forms | Importance of the Taekwondo Forms

  • The Taekwondo Forms help you build strength that will help you execute techniques perfectly. Practicing the forms regularly will also help you improve your techniques and make it better.
  • The Forms help with discipline and control of your breathing and body while performing techniques. With the proper control of breathing, you can also control your movements and strength making a more powerful attack.
  • The forms teaches your body good balance that helps with the execution of techniques. This will add power while performing techniques such as kicking, blocking, punching but still maintaining proper posture which allows you to immediately react with a counter attack. Good balance is one of the major cores of the taekwondo techniques. A good balance means a good technique.
  • The taekwondo forms helps us to focus and can also be a hobby that has the same effects as meditation. If you are feeling stressed, practicing the forms will help relax your body and mind. It allows you to release your stress and make you feel calm.

As you become more knowledgeable and excels with the taekwondo, the forms that you will learn will also advance into a much harder form. Each of the taekwondo forms will offer you a knew perspective on the different types of taekwondo techniques. The forms will also be a factor in determining if you are ready to excel to a higher level of being a taekwonod practitioner.

If you want to learn the different taekwondo forms and taekwondo techniques, Contact Serdar Guner now at 0425324443.

The Taekwondo Belts, in literal sense are just pieces of cloths that are tied around the waist. But if you are a taekwondo practitioner, you will learn that there’s more to the belts than just pieces of cloths. The Official Taekwondo Belts are actually representations of rankings and signifies your devotion to the martial art.

Official Taekwondo Belts | The Colors of Taekwondo

For those who truly love taekwondo, they might even say that earning a black belt is their life-long goal. All taekwondo black belts started as a white belt. There are also other different colored Official Taekwondo Belts that signifies the rankngs of a taekwondo student. The Black belt is the final belt that symbolizes the mastery of the taekwondo techniques.

Here are the Official Taekwondo Belts :

White Belt

  • The lowest rank and the first belt given to beginners. The white color means purity and and innocence. A white belt holder means that he is a beginner on the field and has much to learn.

Yellow Belt

  • A belt ranked next to the white belt. Yellow signifies the rising sun where the student is already learning just like a seed in the plan that is growing.

Green Belt

  • A seed that has grown is already a plant. A child that has learnt and has shown development is a plant and deserves the symbol of growth, the Green Belt.

Blue Belt

  • If you have grown and developed well, you will become a tree that reaches the sky. You will be ranked with the blue belt, the symbol for reaching new levels of achievements.

Brown Belt

  • The brown belt means that the student was able to create a sturdy foundation. Brown signifies the ground where the growing tree is rooted. This also means that physical and mental power is developed.

Red Belt

  • Red is the color of blood, not that it means violence the red actually symbolizes the essential life force. It also represents danger that lies ahead and requires discipline to overcome the challenges.

Black Belt

  • The Black belt is the symbol of maturity and means that you have graduated from the first challenges of your taekwondo journey. But your journey doesn’t end there as you will have new and more difficult challenges to face.

Now that you know the different Official Taekwondo Belts , you can set your goal to which belt you want to achieve!

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